Gaura Krishna

Published in RAMA NAMA nr 89 after the Mahasamadhi of Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar

"The King is dead, Hail to the king!" One says this, formerly, showing by this that the king's physical person was merely a representative of a principle that, this one, survived. So can we say the same, at a superior level: "The physical envelop of YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR is no more, Hail YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR ! YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR KI JAI !"

In the different emails I found after coming back to Mauritius, there was one that said: "Let his soul rest it peace." Maybe this message emanated from one of our Indian catholic brothers. For, even before He leaves His body, YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR' soul, that is to say Himself, was always in peace, she was Peace and is Peace itself. Yogiji was not a representative of the principle, though it is also possible to say to, he was an incarnation of the Principle. "Yogi Ramsuratkumar is the Name of My Father, so, this beggar wants it to be chanted! Sing!" Therefore, to say that Yogi Ramsuratkumar is dead is, for me, like saying that God is dead! It is an aberration. To say that He has left His physical body, much sick, is the simple truth. But Yogiji's presence is always the same, it is of every moment.

When my Master, in July 2000, had made this message reach me: "This beggar is tired and sick. If Krishna wants to come and see him, he can do so", He, of course, was informing me about His approaching departure. Everything is His lila and no one knew about the day neither the hour. I just knew, when i left my Master confined to bed with a bedridden body, that i will never more see him with my own eyes. But i knew that His presence would be here for ever.

A little proof? When he left His body, He sent me a sign.

I did not return to France since four years and half. I departed for this trip on the 8th of February after finishing the first page of RAMA NAMA for March that was done before my trip and because of this trip, and it was about Yogiji's health. Oh yes, it is true that i will miss His silhouette, His divine face, and all this whole, and all these details that i can't describle but from where the Divine was emanating without any break. and they were a living teaching, even without a word! What to say when He spoke! Yes, i miss so much this perfume of flowers that, suddenly, gushed out of His person! Nothing more sublime has ever existed than to be by the side of my Father.

On the very 20th February, through a computer that allowed me to send an email, i asked my brother Rajmohan about Yogiji's health. On the 21st, while washing, i noticed this sign between my eyebrows, sign that had already appeared some times. The first time was when Yogiji, before dragging me to His feet, had 'taken my life in His hands', at the beginning of 1988. This sign appeared at that time, under the skin, just between the eyebrows, a well visible red bindu with a diameter of 5 cms. And here, on this 21st of February, he appeared again. I immediately knew that something particular had happened, but i must say that my mind was turning towards Mahashivaratri. I got the answer only at night, when i was seating on my bed: "Beloved brother Krishnaji, it is really sad that you did not receive the mail concerning Bhagavan's Mahasamadhi. Bhagavan got freed from the physicial body at 3h19 on the 20th of February.

I must tell it, tears have not flooded my eyes, and if the mind turned, he stayed steady, for Yogiji did not go away, He was always there. He even sent me His sign. To say that He was no more there would have been mental debility. But such sages never act without due consideration and even the moment of their depart from their physical body has a meaning and, as for all their acts, the meaning can be different for this one or for that one but it is valid as well. That Yogiji has left His corporeal envelop at Mahashivarati time is, of course, symbolic. That He has left it when i was in France (where He showered blessings on me) at a particular moment has a more personal meaning. Whatever, Yogiji is here, ever present. YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR JAYA GURU RAYA !

In coming back, I found this message: "Beloved brother Krishnaji, Namaskar! I hope that you received the mail informing you about Bhagavan's mlahasamadhi. How are you doing? Ma Devaki sends you Her Love and Her Pranams and the same for everyone in your family. Brother, we need to stay united and to be courageous in these boisterous times and to show to the world that we truly are Bhagavan's Children. Ma Devaki and all of us are very very anxious to know what is happening to you.'

I would want to quote, also, a part of my brother Suresh's message.
"... Truly, for the millions devotees in the world, it was news that tear the heart. It is true that Yogi Ramsuratkumar was never the body, however, as mere mortals, we will always miss this personal touch. Was it not through this body that He spread so much Love and grace on everyone? It was only through Him that us, little beings, have received so much, what words cannot describle. Your brother got the opportunity to be there the very day when Bhagavan went in Mahasamadhi. Now, the only prayer we can say to Him is that every moment of our life is passed with the constant souvenir of His Name and that every thought is only on Him. So many times He assured us about this and it will be so through His infinite Grace..."

In a letter i found after my return, Suresh narrates that he got the blessing to see Yogiji from the 30st to the 7th of February, that is to say after the last news i had received and that appeared in the editorial of the March issue of RAMA NAMA: "Bhagavan's physical state continues to be critical. However it is another Bhagavan's lila, and only Him is able to sound its depths. We cannot understand anything... I also had the big luck to be with Bhagavan at the Chennai Hospital during 15 days last year. At that time Yogiji blessed us a lot with nectar as well as by speaking about Sanatana Dharma, about the Supreme Father, about the Vedas, etc..."

Let everyone go beyond physical appearance, let everyone know that Yogiji is here, it is enough to feel His presence that He doesn't stop to grant to us. Let us work for resembling Him, for being really His Children, for being worthy of Him. Let us be in His hands the tools He has shaped. Let His Name be always on our lips.