The intuition of which none takes notice

Gaura Krishna
(August 2002)


At the beginning of a lesson I was giving at Chitrakut to 6 young students, the idea to ask them a question that I remembered having asked to myself when young came to me. I was curious to know, though i was almost convinced , whether this question had come to them once. Therefore I asked:

"Did ever happened to you to ask yourself if all that you see, hear, all that is around you, was actually nothing but an illusion, if all this didn't exist and was only an invention of yourself, of your mind?"

How strange it is, all the 6 pupils recognized that this question had already come to them.

Amazing, isn't it? Is the sample representative? I don't now exactly; however, all the same 100 %, a priori, of these youth who are around 17 have got this intuition that the world was nothing but an illusion, that it was nothing but a projection of the mind.

Therefore it seems that, when young, everybody gets this intuition, at least the more advanced. However everybody, 99,99% of them, will sink in this illusion, even when they have got the intuition, the revelation that it was an illusion. And they will join the wheel: studies, work, wife or husband, car, house, children, retirement and death after having vainly passed this time of life, owing to the forgetting of this intuition of the Truth,n of this Vedanta when there were at the dawn of life.